We support anti-corruption and transparency initiatives in Masvingo. Transparency at local government level can be realized when local citizens meaningfully participate in public policy processes and municipal level this ensures that resources are effectively utilized towards effective service delivery in light of this Macrad Trust works in Advocacy for transparency in local service delivery. More so Citizens have a role to play in budgetary processes and debt management it is within this thinking that we implement our programs.

What’s required to initiate the Process?

Action in redressing the Debt burden, Social and Economic Injustices through formulation and promotion of alternative policies.

The Kind of Deliverables You Should Expect

– Serving as a center for the study, development and application of sound laws and policies aimed at promoting sustainable development and good governance.

– Undertaking training and other activities aimed at strengthening capacities of individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to understand the nature of contemporary development challenges and policy strategies for the achievement of sustainable development.

– Providing professional services in the context of research, legal proceedings, or fora for peaceful settlement of disputes.

– Providing affiliation to scholars and students through fellowship and internship programmes in the areas of  social and economic justice and policy relevant to one or more objectives of the Institute