We believe that benefits that are derived from the extractives industries in Masvingo e.g. in mining must trickledown and benefit local communities within their vicinities and the same time resources like land and water must be sustainably and equitably distributed in communities. We support advocacy and capacity building of communities and local government on extractives, water and land rights

What’s required to initiate the Process?

  • Supporting communities to improve the implementation of laws that prevent or minimize the impacts of extractives and infrastructure projects.
  • Providing input to project decision-making processes, such as environmental impact assessments, and actively support affected communities to monitor project legal compliance and voice complaints through the relevant decision-making structures.
  • Supporting communities on land rights and agrarian reform

The Kind of Deliverables You Should Expect

  • Policy Briefs, Publications and Researches on the various strategies being employed by affected communities to prevent or minimize the impacts of land evictions, reforms extractives and infrastructure projects.
  • Directly supporting local communities in Southern Zimbabwe affected by land evictions and development projects by helping them to articulate their complaints and realize their rights